Blur Launches New NFT Lending Protocol: Blend

3. May 2023 By admin Off

• Blur has launched a new NFT lending protocol called Blend.
• The platform offers no expiry and no fees collected from borrowers or lenders.
• However, the product has received mixed reviews from the NFT community.

New NFT Lending Platform From Blur

Blur recently introduced a new NFT lending protocol to the market called ‘Blend’. The platform enables users to use their big-dollar NFTs as collateral with no expiries and no fees collected from borrowers or lenders. Despite it’s quick rise in the space, the product has received mixed reviews from the NFT community.

Increasing Competition In The Market

The launch of Blend comes amid increasing competition in the market for marketplace operators, as OpenSea faces increased product pressures and other competitors have had their own respective challenges. MagicEden has largely slowed in growth after expanding support beyond Solana, Rarible seems to be pivoting to more of a white-label approach (exhibited by the firm’s work with toymaker Mattel lately), and other NFT marketplaces have at the very least been experiencing a drying market throughout.

Pros & Cons Of Blend

The main advantage of using Blur’s Blend is that it offers no expiries and no fees for borrowers or lenders; this is something that many smaller nft lending platforms do not offer. Critics of Blends point out that there is still much uncertainty around how reliable this form of collateral will be due to its lack of longevity in comparison to traditional forms of collateral like stocks and bonds. Additionally, some are concerned about potential misuse by malicious actors due to its decentralised nature.

What Does This Mean For The Market?

It remains to be seen what impact Blend will have on the market long-term; however, its success could lead other marketplace operators to follow suit when it comes to offering similar products with low fees and little risk involved for both parties involved – which would likely result in increased competition amongst them all. It could also help reinvigorate an otherwise dry NFT market if successful enough.


Blur’s new peer-to-peer lending protocol may potentially revolutionise how people borrow funds against their digital assets if successful enough – while also providing investors with another way to secure capital against their holdings without high fees or inflated interest rates associated with traditional loan services . Only time will tell if Blend becomes an established player in DeFi protocols but until then we can only speculate what this means for the industry going forward..