Crypto: Moving America Forward – Coinbase Launches Nationwide Ad Campaign

26. May 2023 By admin Off

Summary of the Article:

  • Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, has launched a new national advertising campaign to highlight the importance of cryptocurrency in the US financial system.
  • The campaign highlights what is at stake should the US fail to advance crypto given that other nations are making significant progress with this technology.
  • A recent report from Electric Capital states that if the US does not take action to preserve its preeminent role in financial markets and related technologies, it could miss out on significant technological and economic opportunities.

Coinbase Launches National Advertising Campaign To Highlight Cryptocurrency

Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, has rolled out a new marketing initiative called Crypto: Moving America Forward. This national advertising campaign aims to put spotlight on cryptocurrency technology’s transformative potential for global financial system and what is at stake if the US fails to advance this type of technology.

China Advancing Crypto Technology

The ads featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will be aired on popular Sunday shows and will feature new chapters each weekend. Coinbase highlights that other nations, including fellow superpower China, are making significant progress with crypto technology which is why it is so important for America to not cede its role in building this type of technology as it could lead to missing out on economic opportunities.

“Crypto and Blockchain Technologies Are The Next Wave Of The Internet”

According to a March report from venture capital firm Electric Capital, “Crypto and blockchain technologies are the next wave of the Internet, with the potential to fundamentally change money,the financial system, and the Internet more broadly.” The report goes onto explain that if the US does not take action towards preserving its preeminence in financial markets and related technologies then it could miss out on substantial technological development.

“US Global Economic Leadership And National Security At Risk”

Coinbase defined that there would be risk for both America’s global economic leadership and national security if they do not get involved with developing these types of technologies due to other countries taking advantage of them.

“Don’t Miss A Beat”

Finally Coinbase concluded by saying how important it was for America not fall behind when it comes to digital assets development. Therefore they ended their article by saying “Don’t miss a beat – subscribe to get crypto email alerts delivered directly”.