Dogecoin Whale Moves $21.7M to Binance, Price Impact Possible

10. May 2023 By admin Off

• A Dogecoin whale has moved $21.7 million worth of DOGE to Binance.
• The move may be bearish for Dogecoin’s price.
• The sender was holding an extreme balance of 1,981,615,531 DOGE (worth around $143.5 million).

Dogecoin Whale Moves $21.7 Million To Binance

A massive transfer of Dogecoin (DOGE) was spotted on the blockchain during the past day. It is believed that the sending entity of this transaction was likely a whale since the amount involved here is so large and can cause noticeable effects on the market.

Whale Transfer Details

The details related to today’s Dogecoin whale transfer include a sending address with an unknown wallet and two destinations for these coins: an address attached to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance and another unknown wallet. Before the transaction happened, this sender was holding an extreme balance of 1,981,615,531 DOGE (worth around $143.5 million at the time). In this transaction, however, it seems that the whale emptied their wallet with most of the coins going towards an unknown wallet (1,681,615,531 DOGE or $121.7 million), while 299,999,999 DOGE (about $21.7 million) went to Binance which may signal intent to sell by the user in order to have short-term bearish implications for Dogecoin’s price.

Transaction Cost

The entire movement only costed a minute fee of 0.00328353 DOGE which is considerably low when compared against other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum which both have higher fees than what was spent on this transaction in DOGE terms due to network congestion caused recently by DeFi demand in particular for BTC and ETH tokens respectively over their respective networks..

Possible Reason For Transfer

One of possible reasons why large investors would transfer their coins from a self-custodial wallet to an exchange is for selling-related purposes such as liquidating holdings due to financial constraints or even because they may want to take profits from their investments after seeing positive returns over time from their holdings in any given asset class including digital currencies like Dogecoin or others like Bitcoin or Ethereum for example..


In conclusion it can be seen that large movements especially involving whales tend to have some sort of effect on markets regardless if they are bullish or bearish in nature as these entities hold enough capital power capable of swaying prices in either direction depending on their intentions at any given moment when they decide to move funds into exchanges or out from them onto wallets under their control again thus reinforcing what we already know about how significant markets are heavily influenced by whales within crypto space today more often than not leading us back full circle towards why it is important always keep track such events closely as much as possible until further notice if one wishes remain aware current developments within industry itself overall