Monetary revolution and innovation – rewards you for putting an end to centralization!

17. December 2020 By admin Off is a new technology allowing developers to use databases and computing power, all distributed in a decentralized manner. The project announced this week the launch of its staking service over the next few weeks with key dates: December 18, December 25, and January 11 . The efforts of Moshe Malawach, CEO and main developer of the project are paying off. The validator nodes and the reward system are ready.

The arrival of validation and rewards at is a project to decentralize database and cloud computing services . is positioned as a facilitator of a transition to decentralized services, allowing blockchain projects to be totally independent from systems such as AWS and Google Cloud. is not a blockchain, but a peer-to-peer network with a “ built-in incentivization mechanism ” allowing interoperability with a multitude of blockchains. It is among others Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos and Crypto Cash which are today integrated into the ecosystem.

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The project is currently focusing its efforts on DeFi , which despite its name, still all too often relies on centralized infrastructures. In order to capitalize on the enthusiasm caused by this new phenomenon, has just formalized its rewards validation system. An objective of 30 knots has been set, and should be reached during January 2021. During this initial phase, the main nodes will have 5 major functions:

Why staker?

The answer to this question is roughly the same for all projects. Users can stake their tokens to improve the security and decentralization of a growing project. They are encouraged to do so, since they are rewarded in the form of tokens. is no exception to the rule, and offers an enticing reward scheme .

Currently, only the central nodes are online. By stacking on the node of your choice, you will allow it to obtain or keep the status of main node . This status gives more weight in the management and validation of the network, but also a larger pool of rewards.

Comment staker?
In order to participate in the network and collect your rewards, you must have three things:

ALEPH tokens, available on Uniswap (recommended), Kucoin or MXC
A wallet compatible with the ERC-20 standard (Metamask, Ledger, etc.)
Your favorite web browser

Once your tokens have been transferred to your wallet, everything happens on the dApp dedicated to staking developed by For better security of your funds, staking is recorded in the form of messages on the Ethereum blockchain . Therefore, your tokens never leave your wallet.